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Yes, you certainly are.  Welcome to the power of Augmented Reality.

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[ia_heading align=”center”]Why Choose Us[/ia_heading]

Custom Everything

More and more, professional sports organizations are battling with brand identity.  An identity that sets them apart from other teams within the leagues.  For us at Crowdking, this is important.  By creating an entire venue/team application from scratch, the ability to stand out amongst the crowd exists.  No more template apps that make your team look exactly like every other team in your league.

Location Based Augmented Reality

This one is our bread and butter.  The shift into immersive technology is huge, and we’re leading the charge in the sports industry.  We give you the control to move the engagement points, request additional content, replace 3D models, etc.

In addition to markerless AR, we have a variety of ways to integrate marker based AR in your venue experiences.  From traditional print marketing to souvenir cups, anything that can display a logo can be your point of engagement for fans.

Augmented Reality Wayfinding

Yup, you guessed it.  We can display the turn by turn directions throughout your arena as if they are painted on the ground or floating mid-concourse, keeping it personalized for each users unique destination.  Time for a bathroom run?  No more juggling crowds to find that hidden sign on the wall.

Integration Friendly

If your organization has the resources to work on your platform, we are the perfect choice.  No more invoices for simple integrations that you have the ability to do on your own.  We encourage you to!  It only helps the industry as a whole be more connected.

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